*Important *     BCLS Course Information

Having a Heart and Stroke BCLS certification is the foundation of any advanced course offered. Please ensure that you have a valid BCLS prior to the course. If you do not have an appropriate BCLS certification (expired or obtained from another provider other than The Heart & Stroke Foundation) please contact me as this certification can be included in your advanced course.

Discounts for groups of 10 or more.

Provider Courses - 2015 Provider Manual

​Renewal Courses - 2015 Provider Manual

Once you have registered at the Heart and Stroke Foundation website you will receive an acknowledgement email. Your course instructor will also receive an email showing that you have registered. If there is an issue with your registration, your instructor will contact you. Once accepted in to the course you simply show up the day of the course prepared.

Payment for the course can be made in cash, by cheque, by email transfer the day of your course. For smaller classes we may ask for a non-refundable deposit prior to the day of your course.  

Signing up in large numbers will equate to a group discount on the overall price.

Once the course has been completed, the data will be entered into the HSF resuscitation portal whereby you will be able to print off your own HSF card. The routine mailing of your HSF card is no longer carried out by HSF.

Where to Purchase your reading material:

No need to panic!

Please visit the Heart & Stroke Resuscitation portal (click the link above). Once at the HSF portal and under the tab, "Training Resources" you will find the self assessment test. Please complete this test and bring the test results to your course.Your learning session will prove to be more interesting and satisfying if you read through your 2015 Provider Manual. This gives us more time to run through Megacode scenarios and better prepare you for real life applications.Give yourself enough time to order the material before the course date.

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ACLS Provider     $300

ACLS Renewal     $200

PALS Provider     $350

PALS Renewal     $250